Becoming a Debt-Free Scholar

Boyce Watkins invited Debt-Free Scholars, LLC to discuss How to go to College for Free and Send your Children Too! Feel free to view the video below.


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~Dr. Owens


  1. Dr. Owens,

    My name is Markia Abdur-Rahman. I am so honored that I came across this knowledge via FB w/ Dr. Boyce Watkins. I am so tired of my people ( Black People) not putting priorities first! Thank you for starting your LLC. I am a mother of three daughters and I am here for the knowledge. I wish I could get you to Maryland so I could attend in person. I just wanted to say Thank You.

  2. Good afternoon! Ms. Abdur-Rahman, I totally agree. The colleges in this area are very expensive! I don’t like loans, therefore scholarships are the way to go. I find it very challenging to find the information I need to find out about scholarships, but have no issues with having information regarding loans. I also live in Maryland and would love to attend in person.

  3. Hello Dr. Owens. I just heard you speak about scholarships on the Boyce Watkins talk show. Congratulations on getting the word out on his show. I was so excited to here you say there is money for college. My son just graduated from high school last month and is headed to college this Fall. We applied for so many scholarships we found through his school and community news but have not been very successful on getting many of these he applied for. So far, he has been awarded a total of $750 from two organizations. We are still looking for more scholarships for him to apply for over the summer. He’s written so many essays and sent transcripts, recommendation letters, etc. We are going to try to cover his tuition without loans. I’m still paying on my own student loans and I really don’t want him to be in this kind of debt. I need help on where to look for scholarships. We are a two-parent household with two working parents and my son didn’t qualify for any kind of grants. Not even a Pell Grant. Where should we look? There are so many sites that seem like scams out there. Any advice you have will be greatly appreciated. Do you offer a service to help find the scholarships? If I lived close by I would delve at your workshops but unfortunately, that’s not the case. How can we connect online?


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