How I Earned College Scholarships

Over the years, I have worked with many students and families who have inquired about how I earned a Ph.D. for free. Earlier this month, I spoke with Mr. Ryan McCrary, CEO of Ryan McCrary Financial Solutions, and we discussed my academic journey and I explained how I amassed nearly $1M to earn my undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Please click here to view our conversation. I also provided some tips in this video that can be useful to those are who seeking fee-free financial aid opportunities.

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~Dr. O



  1. Yes ma’am,

    I saw your interview with Mr. McCrary and I was very impressed with your knowledge concerning scholarships. I mentioned in that talk Rick James being from Buffalo. I hope you consider granting Boyce Watkins or Zaza Ali an interview. What grants could my 13 year old daughter apply for now? That is mind-blowing to be able to pull that off.


    Derrick C. Williams

    1. Hello Mr. Williams,

      Thank you for viewing the Debt-Free Scholars, LLC interview with Mr. McCrary. Several grants and scholarships for youth are posted on the Debt-Free Scholars Facebook and Twitter pages. Also, feel free to contact us to learn more about our services .

      Thank you,

      Debt-Free Scholars

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