In-State Tuition at Out-of-State Colleges

Colleges do a phenomenal job of marketing their state-of-the-art technology, modern dormitories, world-renowned faculty and staff,  and prestigious alumni. However, during the recruitment process, many students do not have in-depth conversations about tuition and fees. Although information about the price of attending a college or university is available on their website, I find that many students do not have a clear understanding of college costs. This may be due to the accessibility of loans, scholarships, and other sources of financial aid.

The majority of college students attend an institution in their home state. However, there are many students who want to leave the nest and attend college in another state. Unless there is a scholarship offer, attending an out-of-state institution can double the tuition a student would have had to pay at an in-state institution. For individuals who want to leave out-of-state to attend college and avoid high amounts of debt, there are ways to get in-state-tuition at out-of-state colleges.

  1. Midwest Student Exchange

  2. New England Regional Student Program

  3. Academic Common Market

  4. Taking a gap year to establish residency

  5. Seeking in-state residency through your school

You can also check with your institution regarding programs they have for out-of-state students.

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~Dr. O

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