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Interested in finding money to pay for school, but do not know where to start your search?

Join the Scholars Club!

For $30/month you will have access to different scholarships, contests, fellowships, and more. Also, there will be step-by-step tips and strategies to eliminate college costs.

WordPress account is required to access the Scholars Club. Free accounts are available.

Instructions to Access Scholars Club

  1. Create a free WordPress account
  2. Subscribe to the Scholars Club
  3. Complete form and submit payment information
  4. Go to Debt-Free Scholars
  5. Go to Scholars Club
  6. Scroll down and click “Log in”
  7. Log in to your WordPress account
  8. Voila, you’re in the Scholars Club

As funding opportunities close, they will be deleted from the Scholars Club. Also, Debt-Free Scholars, LLC does not guarantee the award of any of the listed funding opportunities (e.g. scholarships, contests, etc.) in the Scholars Club.

For one-on-one coaching, scholarship lists, speaking engagements and more, click here!

~Dr. O

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