NOW is the Time!

“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.”

-Tom Peters


This is an unpredictable, yet exciting time in higher education. Abruptly, hundreds of colleges and universities have had to transition to delivering 100% of their courses online. However, many institutions have recently announced incentives including waiving their admission test score requirement for upcoming semesters.

For those who have been on the fence about earning a college degree (e.g. associates, bachelors, masters, etc.), now is the time! In addition to the cost of admission exams, some prospective applicants invest in test preparation courses and spend upwards of $1K. Historically, admission tests have carried substantial weight in admission decisions therefore, rejecting applicants who did not earn competitive scores.

In addition to test scores, some colleges have waived application fees. In 2019, the average application fee was $44. As colleges and universities traverse this unknown terrain, I believe institutions will be open to negotiating various financial aid packages and scholarship opportunities. This is a time rich with opportunities. 

If you need assistance navigating the college admission process and/or developing a plan to earn scholarships to graduate college debt-free, please contact Debt-Free Scholars.

~Dr. O

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