Thank you for continuously explaining the importance of scholarships and other forms of free financial aid. As a result, I have decided to attend school in-state to avoid exorbitant tuition rates. Thank you so much, DFS.

Chris W., University Alum

I just got accepted to the University at Buffalo with a scholarship that “currently represents full tuition” for up to four years. Thank you for all of your help.

Terrence J., University Alum

DFS effortlessly uses knowledge and resources to help students and their families secure college scholarships while successfully navigating the college admissions process. 

-Dr. Robert R., University Administrator

DFS has helped me tremendously! Through offering sound advice on the graduate admissions process and teaching me how to identify a program that was a good fit for me. DFS are expert at school searches, assistantships, and scholarships. I appreciate their professionalism and personal approach. I honestly do not know what I would have done without DFS helping me in my academic career. 

-Ciera J., Graduate Student

DFS has been very instrumental in my development as an undergraduate student. DFS has assisted me in navigating many scholarships, grants and leadership opportunities that I have benefited from greatly. As a first-generation college student, these opportunities were extremely necessary to me having a successful college experience.

-Justin W., Graduate Student